This is simply my reflection on a subject that needs a lot of research. A few years back(2011-12) I was working with internet radio. My results were less than impressive even down to nonexistent at times. Before I gave up and tabled the project I spent a few months reviewing where I might have went wrong or what might be causing the lack of verifiable communication. Here are my limited and very uneducated findings.

First I wanted to look at radio waves versus the internet, apps and sound banks. I knew that communication results were being recorded using the radio (ghost box) FM in particular (AM band not so much) so I started there; after all I build ghost boxes. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation and have frequencies that range from 3khz up to 300Ghz also the wave lengths from very short(.039in) up to 62 miles and they travel at the speed of light. There are two types of radio waves- naturally occurring and artificial. I wanted to focus on what was different between the artificial radio waves (the ones we manufacture for radio broadcast communications) and what I was working with in the computer setting. There had to be a correlation between them that was causing my lack of consistent results.

I know it all boils down to frequencies and magnetic fields in regards to what makes the universe work so I figured this has got to be the way we are going to make contact and constant dependable communication with the other side, so it’s the best place to find the answers on why my internet radio is not working properly. What was different? After all shouldn’t 99.5 All Rock All Day be the same regardless of where I listen to it? Well yes and no, see I said listen to it. Think of it this way a second and you will see what I mean. I can hear the station from both my computer and from a radio sitting on the table next to me, BUT let’s say I wanted to broadcast over that radio. With a simple little device called a FM transmitter I can find a non-broadcasting station and “force” my mp3 player to broadcast my favorite old Blues songs right over the radio. Now try that with your internet radio. Go ahead I will wait. See? You can’t. You need to somehow get a physical connection in order to interact with that internet station. Now I am not saying that just because I need a physical connection that another being may not, I am simply making a point. Trying to use radio wave radiation to interact with the internet radio is useless.

But that still was not enough for me. I had proved that I could not interact with the broadcast on the internet radio, but what about another entity, could They/He/She/It do it? They didn’t seem to be able to so why could they not? Or did they not want to? Or was it too difficult.

At this point I started looking at the all the whys. Well if it was because they didn’t want to or because it was too difficult then I was at a loss unless I could find out why they didn’t want to and then try to fix that. If it was because they could not, well that would be a real tough one and I had no idea how I could possibly fix that. I decided to look at solely the reasons why they might not want to or why they might be having difficulties.

Electromagnetic fields consist of electric fields, magnetic fields and light. I have worked a lot with both electric and magnetic fields, however light is kind of out of my range for any valuable research. Using the various magnetic type generating devices I had created seemed to help with communication when using a stand-alone physical radio, however at times some of the devices I had built seemed, upon later reflection, that the magnetic fields were too “strong” and limited my results. This may be the case with the computer as it puts off strong magnetic radiation as well as consisting of numerous different frequencies all the time and all at the same time. So this brought me to resonance. Not just electrical resonance but also the resonance of a being. Different parts of our body resonate at different frequencies however there is a balance, we can definitely “feel” this from time to time when things get out of balance. Being an electrician most of my life I knew about harmonics and resonance in electrical systems I had seen firsthand what could happen in a building when the electrical system was distorted. There are several types of harmonics but for this discussion I am simply referring to magnetic frequencies (versus sound frequencies). I have seen fluorescent lighting and computers go haywire due to such an unbalanced system. The same thing can occur in any electrical system, which almost everything on this Earth is using an “electrical” system to exist. Balance in the frequencies (animate or inanimate objects) must be maintained or it will try to balance it itself.

Thus far I had determined that a stand-alone radio seemed to produce results while a computer based radio did not. When I tried to “boost” communication using EM or EMF, if the device was too strong then that in and of itself was seemingly reducing the effectiveness of the stand-alone radio. This brought me to go lower in the scheme of things.

When we get down to the very bottom of things we discover photons. They are basically the force behind magnetic radiation, and the force carrier of a magnetic field. They have zero rest mass (allowing for long distance interactions) as well as wave- particle duality (simply means that it can be either one) and it has no electrical charge and two possible polarization states. Wow this thing is awesome but wait there is more it can carry information as well.

So where is this guy going you ask. These beings we are trying to communicate with, should they exist at all, are at the very least made up of photons. I think that due to the simple nature of what a computer is and what it does, it is very difficult for an entity (being) to interact with it on any level without being bombarded from all angles. Yes there is magnetic force surrounding a small radio (everything has a EM field including these beings I would have to assume) however the magnetic field around the physical radio is either too minute to interfere or it may even aid in the interaction between the being and the communication device. We talked about resonance and finding a balance, for us EM fields and radiation can be uncomfortable at the very least but for these beings it may be downright painful in some way that we may not even be able to imagine pain. Or it may just interfere with communication so much that it is not even worth the effort for them. What I do know is after 5 months of working on this project and yes it scanned like you would not believe and sounded, to my ears, awesome and clear, however I could not get any acceptable results to lead me to believe that it was worth moving forward in that line of research. I do hope that someone picks it up and finds a way to overcome these obstacles, and there are too many, I discovered, to list here or this would be another three pages longer, because the clarity in sound is there and the options available to scan are phenomenal but that dog just won’t hunt as it stands now.

I expect a lot of blow back on this and that is fine I even welcome it. Dialog is very important and I am more than happy to discuss anything that might help the future of this field and gets us closer to a clear understanding of how to communicate with what or who is out there.

Jay W Prather
IDC Devices