For those of us in the paranormal field we spend most of our time looking for ghosts, but what is a ghost exactly. Well that’s what we’re going talk about here. For the sake of simplicity let’s just refer to them as entities. We have no idea what these entities are or are not, or is there more than one kind of entity? Are some ghosts while others are beings from another dimension? I believe there are many types of entities. I am going to lay out some theories here so just bear with me.

 Our universe is governed by laws; we call these the laws of physics. These are broken down into 2 basic categories, classical mechanics and quantum mechanics. In the paranormal field we use, or should use both. Other dimensions should be governed by similar laws as well.  In our previous discussion we touched on Maxwell's equations, and how it relates to the equipment we would choose to use on an investigation. However Gauss' Law for magnetic fields and Hall Effect we would also look at in this determination, because of looking into natural magnetic fields and not man made fields.

 Let us get down to where it all starts though. The atom? Well atoms where once presumed to be matter's elementary particles but then, subatomic parts of the atom were identified. In the 1930s the electron and the proton were discovered, along with the photon, the particle of electromagnetic radiation. In particle physics, a hadron is a composite particle made of two or more quarks, which are now considered elementary particles, held together by the strong nuclear force in a similar way as molecules are held together by the electromagnetic force. Most of the mass of ordinary matter comes from two hadrons, the proton and the neutron. So we are all the way down to quarks, what will we discover next?

 In classical physics and general chemistry, matter is defined as any substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume. So everything is made up of matter that we come into contact with daily. We have since discovered, in modern physics, antimatter which is defined as a material composed of the antiparticles of the corresponding particles of ordinary matter. In theory, any particle and its anti-particle (example a proton, a positive charge and antiproton, a negative charge) have the same mass, but opposite electric charge and other differences in quantum numbers. The photon is a type of elementary particle and is a single quantum of light, or of any other form of electromagnetic radiation, it is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. So what about an antiphoton? Do they exist? Well yes and no see anti-photons and photons are the same particles. Some particles are their own antiparticles, notably the force carriers like photons, the Z boson, and gluons. But photons and other elementary particles are described as a necessary consequence of physical laws having certain symmetry at every point in spacetime.

 Here in this area is where I believe we find our connection between “our side and their side”. If they, the entities, are antimatter made up of antiparticles we would not see them with our eyes the way we view the electromagnetic spectrum. As we know energy is neither created nor destroyed, maybe a spirit type entity just changes, it still exists, however we just can no longer see it. As for other “beings”, they may have never been human at all but still exist, just outside our “vision”. Photons carry information, depending on its frequency and polarization; it just has to be deciphered on the other end. I want to note here that I have a theory on how maybe psychics and mediums are able to decipher the information “stored” on photons.