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IDC2000R InterComm Box

Variable Speed random sweep  Tuner

Base Box $169.00


IDC2000L InterComm Box

Variable Speed Linear sweep Tuner

Base Box $169.00


IDC2000D InterComm Box

Dual Tuners w/ 3way switch

( Scan T1,T2 or both simultaneously)

Variable Speed random/linear sweep  Tuners

Base Box $214.00

IDC Direct-Linc

Handheld direct touch communication device

$149.00 Free Shipping

 Please do not proceed to the checkout until  you have selected all the available Options you have  chosen, as this could cause confusion and a delay in you order. You should recieve a verification email from me within 24 hours of payment.Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of your InterComm Box.

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  Jay W Prather

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( Data Logger/LCD Screen is unavailable for order at this time)

 Echo Circuit $45.00 

Option Temporarily Suspended


 3.5mm Audio Jack $15.00


 IDC Indicator (Static Sensor) Circuit $25.00


 IDC EMF Detector $25.00


 Internal Microphone $15.00


 BlueTooth 4.0 Circuit $45.00

Basic Digital Temperature LCD Readout $10.00


 IDC MF Generator $20.00


 IDC White Noise Generator $35.00


IDC 12V High Output Negative Ion  Generator $75.00


 IDC Laser Grid $20.00