Notice: Due to a high demand for IDC paranormal devices, I regret to announce that for the foreseeable future the IDC InterComm Box and the IDC Direct-Linc as well as the Direct-LincFX, will not be available for ordering. If you have any questions, concerns or special request to have one built for you please contact me HERE. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I have removed all PayPal buttons as I will be building by special order only.

Customize and Order Your own InterComm Box

IDC2000R InterComm Box

$300.00 Free Shipping(US Only)

Variable Speed random sweep  

IDC2000RFX InterComm Box $365.00 Free Shipping (US Only)

Variable Speed random sweep  

IDC Effects Echo/Reverb


IDC2000L InterComm Box

Variable Speed Linear sweep Tuner



IDC2000D InterComm Box

Dual Tuners w/ 3way switch

( Scan T1,T2 or both simultaneously)

Variable Speed random/linear sweep  Tuners


IDC Direct-Linc

Handheld direct touch communication device