The IDC Direct-Linc is a hand held direct contact ITC device. It uses your body as the antennae for reception. It is available as a Random or Linear Scan. It comes with an antennae input jack as well as a separate removable antennae so it can also be used just like a full size spirit box. The Direct-Linc FX One and the 2.0 comes with pre-set IDC Effects Echo/Reverb just like the larger IDC 2K series IDC boxes.

 IDC Direct-Linc ©2015 

Handheld direct touch communication device

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Original IDC Direct-Linc $199.00 plus $10.00Shipping (US only) Contact me for info on the One and 2.0 versions

 For overseas shipping please email me at

DRV Version

$179.00 plus $10.00 Shipping (US only)
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