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Home of the original and still only truly Random Scan Ghost Box on the market.*

 I started writing "Ghost box" codes for these tuners in 2014 and have written more than 110 different codes to date. I can customize a code for your needs.

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 I am a reliable professional with over 30 years of electrical/electronics experience. I listen to my customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. I have been creating personalized, paranormal equipment since 2010.My Bio Here.


 I offer 12 Devices with more than 234 possible combinations/variations. I am continuously developing and testing new paranormal investigation equipment to aid those in the paranormal field.

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The IDC Inter Comm Box: Inter Dimensional Communicator combines, in an easy to carry, lightweight, weatherproof, compact user-friendly device (ITC device) the "ghost box" and IDC FX (Echo/Reverb) circuit that so many investigators and ITC researchers are using and getting EVP/ITC results with. Other options including temperature/humidity sensors(both F and C for our UK friends) emf sensors, white noise generators, Laser Grids, Negative Ion Generator, Static Sensors, Bluetooth 4.0,   audio mixers, and amplifiers are also available.  IDC FX Echo/Reverb has gone through a lot changes since my first circuits I used in 2014 and now I believe they are very reliable. Each box is handmade and because of this, the box you receive will vary slightly from what is pictured. These devices are equipment I build for my own experiments and I suspected that others may want to try them as well, so I decided to offer them to other researchers in the field. If you want something different from what is described as a device I offer, you should contact me before ordering.  Each device will be very close to the description I have listed on this website, however, no two will ever be exactly the same and because of this I simply state that the function of any device I create will work the way it is intended to work for that individual device at the time that it is built/mailed. As I said before, I build these for experimentation and as such, I do not guarantee or warrant them for any particular purpose. I further do not claim that these devices are any more or less than a tool for you to use in the field of Paranormal Research/Investigation period. There is no way at this time with current technology for anyone to make any claims of definite ITC contact, not even me,  I will offer a 90-day warranty on workmanship, however. Any comments made in the descriptions are based on how I use that device for myself. The IDC2K InterComm box series has the only random sweep Ghost Box circuit on the market today.*

*as of 07/10/2014

 Available Options:

Bluetooth 4.0                   White Noise Generator

Echo                                Laser Grid

EM Pump                         Internal Audio Amplifier

Internal Microphone         EMF Sensor

Static Sensor                   Temp Sensor

Audio Mixer

Coming soon.... Single-board microcontroller using a USB interface and open source hardware you will be able to have all the devices compatible with each other as well as you will be able to control and save the data produced.


 Please allow 2-3 weeks (as of 01/10/18 I am back logged 6 months build time) for me to build and ship your IDC box. Each one is hand made and tested. If you need it sooner please contact me before ordering.



As mentioned here at ITCVoices.Org<Link Here to new page to read on Ghost Box recommendations.

Great device!Already had a nice 25 min. session with it.9 personal messages came Sep-29-11 18:52
Inter Comm Box/ghost box/franks box/emf pump/spirit box (#170700798293) US $109.00

View Item Inter Comm Box/ghost box/franks box/emf pump/spirit box


"On behalf of the people on "the other side" and myself, we deeply thank you."   Doug C.


Item was shipped and delivered very quickly! Shipping charges very reasonable :)

Sep-19-11 19:42


Frank's Box/Spirit Box/Ghost Box 12-587 (#170694108954


US $44.95    


 "I had your box #1 out in the field this past weekend. I was out in the middle of nowhere, so I had very little radio reception (only two stations, in fact). I did not really expect to hear anything over it, but after a few minutes, I heard clearly, "I'm trapped." Some of my other boxes would have produced nothing in a situation like that." Doug


 "We are very pleased with the INTER COMM box."    Mambo




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