The IDC2K Series InterComm Box Ghost Box has Random scan variable speed Tuner(programmable TEA5767 by Phillips Semiconductors), and also can include options such as IDC Indicator(static detector),IDC EMF Detector, Adjustable Laser Grid, IDC Negative Ion Generator, removable LCD Temperature readout.  Bluetooth 4.0 and Echo are also available options. It scans randomly at upwards of 50ms @100khz steps. It can be programed to scan faster if needed. Can be programed  to scan @ 200khz,100mhz,50khz and as little as 10khz steps to suit the needs of the user. This device can have Dual tuner scanners. One is Linear sweep while the other is random sweep both at 100khz increment steps on the fm band, unless otherwise specified.  Variable speed from very slow(1 sec) to 50ms Scan speed on both tuners. A lighted LED gives visual indication of scan speed. With its Bluetooth 4.0 it allows you to use your Bluetooth enabled device Apps with my device. Full control IDC FX Echo/Reverb with both reverb and delay control. Two (2) Audio Input In/Out jacks(3.5mm) and a internal microphone. 3-way balanced speaker system volume control. The IDC2K series has the only random sweep Ghost Box circuit on the market today.*

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *as of 07/10/2014


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