The IDC Spectro is more that just an IDC ParaView (video ITC device) and IDC 2k series InterComm Box FX with Echo/Reverb (Audio ITC device).
The features are as follows:
1.  The 2k randomly scans 9,900 audio frequencies between 50-149mhz as a stand alone spirit box.
2.  These 9.9k audio frequencies can also be used in conjunction with the IDC ParaView (introduced internally) as well a stand alone sprit box.
3.  It has 4 stand alone light frequencies. A 36 led IR light, a 9 led UVA light, a UV laser grid(adjustable) and a green laser grid(adjustable).
4.  These 4 light frequencies are used in conjunction with the ParaView or can be used for recording the environment, for video/audio/evp sessions.
5.  4.3" Digital Video Recorder/Player DVR TV in AV Out., 16:9 widescreen high-definition 480 x 272,16 Million Color.
HD video recording (TV-IN), from TV, DVD Player, pinhole camera, CCTV surveillance camera, tape recorder admit 720*576(PAL) or 720*480(NTSC) HIGH quality image data. you could use it as portable monitor or DVR(digital video recorder).
High-definition video output (TV-Out) output resolution of 720*480
High definition video decoder: Support RM,RMVB,AVI,FLV,3GP,MP4,WAV,ASF,DAT,MPG,Resolution up to 1280*720
The build-in 2.0MP capable of video recording up to the size of your micro SD (TF) storage card. Picture:1600*1200(max) High resolution video: 640*368/30fps(max)
Audio player: Support MP3,WMA,APE,FLAC and other audio formats, support synchronous lyrics display, play mode selection. Size 4.3'' TFT screen 16:9 Resolution QVGA:480*272 Color 16 Million colors. Memory- 8Gb internal storage w/ sd card slot for additional 512GB with one extra 512GB card for a total of more than 1TB.
6.  3 mounted cameras. Either one can be used for recording environment. 1 Standalone Full Spectrum camera
7.  4 microphones. Used for spirit box sessions or Live EVP.
8.  The IDC ITC Assist circuit can be used for visual aid and also monitors the spirit box as well as 3 of the 4 microphones.
9.  IDC EMF Detector
10.  12v/5v usb 8500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. 5v Li-ion rechargeable battery for the ParaView.
11.  IDC Spiricom Frequencies, the 13 frequencies are introduced randomly both in order as well as in length.
12.  Emits and recaptures the 7 Solfeggio frequencies randomly and continuously.
13.  7" External Monitor