My latest Build - another All-in-One Device- The IDC211021 InterComm Box Ghost Box has Random scan variable speed Tuner(programmable TEA5767 by Phillips Semiconductors),IDC Indicator(static detector),IDC EMF Detector, Adjustable Laser Grid, IDC Negative Ion Generator, removable LCD Temperature readout.  Bluetooth 4.0 and Echo are also available options. I am building 2 of these atm. I will release more detailed specs on these soon as I can. You can email me at more with any questions. It scans randomly at upwards of 80ms @100mhz steps. Can be programed to scan faster as well as @ 200mhz,100mhz,50mhz and as little as 10mhz steps.


this one does not have the Echo  or Bluetooth but both options are available