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IDC2K Series InterComm Box Pricing  Contact me here for ordering

The Base Box consist of the TEA5767 FM Tuner and I2C chip, External removable antenna, 3-way 50w-100w max internally amplified Speaker system(stereo). Power Supply is a 9v (6AA batteries) but  can also come with a 9vdc inputjack and seperate 120ac/9vdc power pack.(For UK customers there is a different plug needed). All tuners will be programmed with no Mute unless specified otherwise. Variable Sweep Speed,Mute, Softmute, Random scan, and any start/stop bands must be specified at time of order. The IDC2K series has the only random sweep Ghost Box circuit on the market today.*

*as of 07/10/2014

 Tuner Options(included in Base Price)
•Variable Sweep Speed(via potentiometer)
•Mute(mutes weaker frequencies)
•Soft Mute(allows more weaker frequencies to pass than Mute does)
•Specified Start and Stop Frequencies



IDC Model# guide
Using the screenshot below(click on the image to enlarge) as an example:
 If someone wanted a IDC2k series  All-In-One InterComm Box  the model # would of course start with a 2 for the TEA5767 Tuner( in this case Random scan)then if they wanted a LCD Temp and Internal Microphone, the next number would be a 3 (column 2). Then in column 3  they want an IDC EMF Detector and IDC Laser Grid. so that is a 3. The fourth and final column they decide they want the IDC Ion generator and the IDC Indicator, so that would be a 3. The IDC Effects (echo/reverb) adds a F/X to the end. This makes this a model IDC2333RFX.

Random scan tuner add the letter R to the end.
Linear scan tuner add the letter L to the end.
Dual tuner Intercomm Boxes are available- add the letter D to the end.

   If they also choose to have a EM pump installed then that adds EM to the end making the final model# for this persons custom order a model # IDC2333RFXEM.

Click Picture below V V V for spreadsheet 





 I offer the following options: options chosen will determine size and look of each InterComm/Para-View Box

•IDC Indicator (Static Sensor)-  Consist of the circuit and 6 LEDs across the front panel of the device

 •IDC EMF Detector 

•IDC MF Generator-  (em pump)                      

•IDC White Noise Generator-   Inputs white noise directly into the audio mixing circuit.

•IDC 12V High Output Negative Ion  Generator-

•Bluetooth 4.0-   allows the use of apps directly input into the audio mixing circuit.

•IDC Laser Grid- 
•in/output jacks (3.5mm)- 

          2-Aux Audio Jacks

        Pre Effects Line In/Out

        Post Effects Line In/Out

•Internal Microphone- with Volume control and pre-amp

IDC Effects Echo/Reverb controlled via 2 potentiometers

•Basic Digital Temperature LCD Readout (removable)- A Temperature and Humidity version is available.

Options Below Temporarily Suspended• Will be available again in mid 2019

•DHT11 DHT-11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor- Requires Data Logger Module and/or 2.8” Inch TFT LCD Display Touch Screen

•BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor-
Requires Data Logger Module and/or 2.8” Inch TFT LCD Display Touch Screen

•Data Logger Module Recorder- 
SD card interface works with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards.

•2.8” Inch TFT LCD Display Touch Screen- 


The audio mixer circuit cost is figured into the price of the options. Each mixer is circuit is built and sized specific for that individual InterComm box. ie. the number of inputs,outputs and amplifier gain (resistors).
 * indicates price if Audio Mixer has already been purchased through another option

# indicates price if Data Logger has already purchased through another option