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I have goals for both advancing my paranormal equipment as well as repairs/upgrades that are needed for my workshop if I am to continue moving forward in this field. Demand for my devices is at a all time high, so much so that I could never meet the demand even if I wanted. If I did attempt to meet the demand then I would have no time left for experimenting to develop new equipment. That is where you come in, yes I could auction my equipment to the highest bidder (on e-bay) however I would have no idea who is getting it or why they wanted it. I really feel Patreon my be the answer for both my work and for those that really want to use my devices for their own research.  I hope you will join me in my quest for more advanced equipment as well as for you the Patron to not only be involved in the process and get to watch it unfold but to also reap the rewards of my research and new equipment. As rewards for my Patrons, they will get first chance at any of my existing builds and future builds via commissions orders. These commissions will be Exclusive Patron Editions and will not be available anywhere else. I will be sharing inside videos of my builds as well as my experiments that lead to these new discoveries, in depth videos of how to use the equipment to best of it's abilities and much more. Three of the top Tiers actually give Exclusive Patron only Edition equipment as rewards.

 Best way to find me and keep up with me is Facebook here>>>