IDC3001EM I don't offer these anymore



Introducing The Inter Comm Box (Interdimensional Communicator). The IDC3001EM.

The IDC3001EM comes with a AM/FM frequency scanner,EM Generator,internal antanae,internal amplified speaker with a 3.5 mm audio output jack. The Scanner and EMF Generator have two seperate power supplys(2 x AAA batteries each) with independent on/off switches, 6 Channel Audio mixer and White Noise Generator.The amplifier is 3volt and will work with 2 or 4 AAA batteries, the batteries are wired in parallel so 4 batteries is double the capacity(amp hours). The MF Generator has a green LED indicating that the generator is running.You have the option of two recorders,2 Digital recorderss or a Digital recorder and a Mini Tape recorder. Also included is a simple compass, I have seen it just sit the calm then just as sudden as I would get what seemed like a response during a session it would start to spin erratically showing a strong but brief electromagnetic or magnetic field around the Inter Comm box.(note this was with the mf generator turned off ofcourse).

With the separate controls and 6 Channel Audio Mixer (3x 3.5 mm ports) it gives you several options when working with your Inter Comm Box. Features include white noise,audio mixer,mf generator,digital recording,tape recording,amplified speaker,am/fm scanning and... temp sensor( UK version is in Celsius). With 2 recorders you can take 1 minute or up to 5 minutes of questions recorded at 10-15 sec intervals and play these through the audio mixer(with a white noise mix or not ,your choice) and record the responses with the second recorder all the while allowing you to concentrate more on listening to the actual responses as well as this method may produce different responses using your recorded em voice. I like to record the responses on magnetic tape while using a digital IC recorder for my questions, just my personal preference.With the integrated Audio Mixer all this plays through one amplified speaker. Also include is 3.5mm audio cables and 1 mini recorder microphone.

The Inter Comm Box combines, in a easy to carry, light weight, neoprene reinforced case both the "ghost box" and mf pump that so many investigators are using and getting results with as well as the amplifier and built in speaker. You can use them one at a time or both at the same time for varying results. The 3.5 mm audio output can be used for an external speaker or to connect your recorder.The Audio mixer and White Noise Generator may be used together or separate as well as the Digital recorder and Mini Tape Recorder providing for more ways to experiment and attempt contact.

Option #1 2- Coby CX-R122 with 2 starter tapes. $215.00

Option #2 A small ICD-67 Sony digital recorder or Craig CR8000 (your choice)for ingoing and a Coby CX-R122 Tape recorder (w/one starter tape)for outgoing. $235.00

Option #3 The Sony or Craig digital for incoming and a Olympus VN4100pc or RCA VR5220-A (your choice) for outgoing. $255.00

The Craig and RCA are new in there original packaging and the Sony, Olympus and Coby are used but in good working order.

The AM/FM scanner is a Koss PP257-B or Jensen Sab - 55 A or B.

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