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 The IDC3101EMD feaures 2 A/M F/M scanners,EMF Generator,Low Temperature Sensor,and 2 Internal Amplified Speakers. The upper scanner has a slower scan speed than the lower scanner giving the user 8 different combinations to choose from while conducting sessions. Each scanner has a seperate mode switch for choosing the am or fm band as well has seperate volume controls.The 2 scanners share a common power supply(2xAA) and a common on/off switch. The volume for each scanner is seperate allowing for more control.
The internal MF generator produces a continuous magnetic Field surrounding the box for approx. 4 feet in diameter. It has a seperate power supply (2xAA)and a on/off switch allowing the user complete control of when to use the Generator. It also has a lighted LED to show when the generator is in operation.
The Internal Speakers are in stereo for the lower scanner and the upper scanner is in mono. There is a 2 seperate power supply (4xC batteries total) for the Speaker Amplifier with a dedicated on/off switch and when in operation allows for boosting either the bass or treble or both.
The Low Temperature Sensor can be set to room temperature and a lighted LED will announce visually any sudden temperature drops. The LED located on the front of the box is there to add a visual confirmation when video recording sessions and cold spots occur.
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