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  The new IDC3231EM has two 10w speakers, 2 speed am/fm scanner, a magnetic field generator, the white noise generator has a switch for playing through the mixer with the scanner or off and a spare external 3.5mm output, 6 channel internal audio mixer with one spare 3.5mm input, 2 channel audio amplifier one channel for the 2 internal speakers and 1 spare 3.5mm output for external recording, internal microphone, 5-500hz emf detector w/ light and low volume buzzer.

This box has a plate on the back that acts as a reciever when a magnetic field is present. If the em field is too far away to set off the alarm but a person is in that em field then a person could wave there hand in front of the plate without touching it and the detector will sense the persons emf from about a inch away from the plate. This could replace the "flashlight method" and be a more reliable indicator of energy.