I do not offer these anymore. I have a different style now.


Introducing The Inter Comm Box (Interdimensional Communicator). The IDC4002EM is the second of 8 models to be released. Each model will have a different configuration and options. Custom configuration may be an option in the future.

The IDC 4002EM comes with a FM frequency scanner,AM frequency scanner ,TV channels 2 through 12 scanner,weather channels 1 through 7 scanner,battery meter,internal MF Generator,external antanae,internal amplified speaker with a 3.5 mm audio output jack.The mode switch allows for you to choose between AM/FM/TV/Weather and Off. The scan switch is a slide switch to choose between scan On or Off (note* scan switch must be in off position in order to change modes then slide scan to back to on). The Scanner and MF Generator have two separate power supplies(2 x AAA batteries each) with independent on/off switches. The amplifier is 3volt and will work with 2 or 4 AAA batteries, the batteries are wired in parallel so 4 batteries is double the amp hours. The EMF Generator has a green LED indicating that the generator is running.

The Inter Comm Box combines, in a easy to carry, light weight, neoprene reinforced case both the "ghost box" and mf pump that so many investigators are using and getting results with as well as the amplifier and built in speaker. You can use them one at a time or both at the same time for varying results. The 3.5 mm audio output can be used for an external speaker or to connect your recorder( note* recorder featured in Pictures on Flickr is not included,for demo purposes only). If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me.

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